Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Sun Dec 23 20:22:27 CET 2007

François TOURDE wrote:
> Ok, now guys, stop joking !!!
> I'm waitin' for too long time for my phone, so the deal is:
> If the Red-clothed Old Man comes at home WITHOUT my Neo, you can
> consider him as my HOSTAGE ! He will never can go back, even using the
> fireplace !
> No way to negociate, nobody can approach me, except his green-dwarf
> friends, whith the Wifi-aware GPS-enabled Neo1973 !!!
> ...
> Ok, just kidding ;)

He he. Joke appreciated. As we are all a little stressed trying to move 
this project forward, a bit of humor is appreciated!

Believe me, if bribing the red-clothed jolly man would help speed up 
development, we would have sent Sean to the north pole already!

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I'm sorry that you won't be 
able to get a GTA02 on Tuesday. We're working as hard as we can - it's 
just that every little detail takes so much time. As I mentioned in my 
update, Wifi is coming along well. It's a huge chunk of work and one 
that has been concerning us for awhile. Now that it is making rapid 
progress, there is one less major concern, but there are still a number 
of smaller items to confirm before we prototype the (hopefully) final 
version of GTA02.

I'll do my best to inform you of progress.

Happy December/January/February to all of you, whatever you celebrate or 
believe in or take vacation for.

P.s. I'm not taking any time off, so if anyone wants their GSM firwmware 
upgraded I'm just as available next week as any time.


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