Phase 2 hardware: when?

Tim Niemeyer tim.niemeyer at
Mon Dec 24 09:53:14 CET 2007

Hallo Mike,

* Mike <mikeumo at> [22-12-07 20:51]:
> Does anyone know when will phase 2 (Consumer grade + Wi-Fi etc.) hardware be 
> available? The website says "by the ear's end" and it's getting pretty close. 
> I shall make efforts to file software bugs and help fix them, but I want to 
> have the basic functions (telephony, and Wi-Fi browsing) working with no 
> problems. So, what's the timetable and how realistic is it?
The Topic of the IRC Channel:
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	GTA02 (Maybe March as of last update -
	yes, that's with WiFi, and no, there's no cam).
	Latest official update is at

Tim Niemeyer
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