Apologies for spam - we will blacklist that account right away

GWMobile geopilot at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 27 13:59:24 CET 2007

Just don} worry about spam so much.
It has rarely been a problem on this or mos t groups and fighting it 
isn't worth the inconvience.

It just isn't a problem.
I find it far easier simply to scroll past the occasionally bit of spam 
that deal with the "solutions" that make me jump through hoops just to 
post a message.

The solutions are much worse than the problem.
Just don't worry about it.

On Wed, 26 Dec 2007 11:17 am, Thomas Szukala wrote:
> Harish Pillay wrote:
>> May I make a suggestion to whoever is running this mailing list to add
>> the greylist technique to it as well?  I have had milter-greylist 
>> running on
>> my main email servers for over 12 months now, and the amount of spam
>> reaching my users/mailing lists has gone down to almost zero.
> I know greylisting works and is stopping spam very effective (for now).
> However this behaviour puts high volume mailservers in a lot of stress. 
> Also I am experiencing, that spammers are adapting to greylisting and 
> are connecting multiple times to mailservers. Supposedly in order to 
> pass greylisting.
> Thus, the administrators of these high volume mailservers  have to get 
> rid of several thousands incoming connections per minute from a single 
> spammer (think of a botnet DDoS you) and delayed outgoing connections 
> for your customers.
> You therefore have a higher deferr rate outgoing  (doubling outgoing 
> connections) and therefore have a bigger mailqueue, additionally you 
> have more incoming connections (spam) blocking your available TCP ports 
> permanently only for the cause to reject them.
> So my advice would be to not use greylisting, as it pushes the problem 
> to other parts of the internet and is effective only for a limited time 
> (if anyone is using it).
> My thought is, that it would be much more effective to block 
> subscription by sophisticated captchas (take care of XSS 
> vulnerabilities ) . Also it might be effective to block subscriptions 
> by using lists of compromised hosts like CBL 
> (<http://cbl.abuseat.org>).
> Try to identify which IPs are causing trouble and do match them with 
> several blacklists. The lists do not always work in the same way as it 
> does for others. Sometimes also only a mix of several lists are 
> working. <http://karmasphere.com/> might help you there.
> If you dont have enough samples, be conservative. It is more a hassle 
> to gain legitimate listmembers back, who you have been lost during 
> subscription, as blocking fake accounts afterwards.
> Have an eye on your subscriptions. Too many new listmembers is 
> certainly not a cause of marketing.
> I might have come a little off topic, but perhaps it helps someone.
> I am now getting back to my cookies, ice cream, cake and teas ;-)
> Cheers Thomas
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