Neo1973 and Qtopia with GPS application

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Sun Dec 30 15:03:57 CET 2007


I have made a Qtopia image for the Neo1973. The image is quite same as the
ones Lorn Potter releases, but mine has added two gps applications.

I have made a couple of screenies here: and

To have this running you have to install gllin yourself, i cant include that
because of the restrictions with distribution.

Get gllin from here: and
install it.

The image uses Ängstôm 2008 base linux system and suplied with kernel

How it works.

Just hit Roadmap or RoadGPS under applications. It will start gllin
automaticly (remember to install it first).
When you are done playing with the gps applications and to save battery
remember to stop gllin from running by hitting "Kill Glin" under

To get maps for Roadmap read their web site:

My image togehter with the kernel uImage can be downloaded from here:

regards gxl
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