Neo1973 and Qtopia with GPS application

GoXbox Live goxboxlive at
Sun Dec 30 18:29:49 CET 2007

I cant take credit for the work. I just compiled the source and added it to
one of my images.

2007/12/30, andy selby <andyfrommk at>:
> > Have you had problems running gllin under Qtopia?
> > My Neo doesn´t get a "fix" from the satellites...
> Yeah, it took me ages to get a fix too, I only got one by standing
> outside, maybe the neos GPS antenna is not as sensitive as a dedicated
> GPS receiver .
> Its very good, goxboxlive, the display could be clearer and the back
> button doesn't work, also the start,stop and quit buttons may be
> better in the options menu but I applaud you for your work.
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