Neo1973 and Qtopia with GPS application

Jeremy McNicoll jeremy at
Mon Dec 31 02:58:56 CET 2007

Joseph Reeves wrote:
> It's working well, thanks for this!
> I've been briefly thinking about the Neo1973's internal GPS antenna
> and looking at some photos:
> If the grey cable with the U.fl/Hirose connector plugged in next to
> the sim holder is for the internal antenna, then the antenna itself
> would be located in the top of the phone, orientated straight out the
> top? If this is correct, the GPS is going to work best when the phone
> is stood straight up rather than lying on its back?

Out of curiousity to the people that are saying that their 
gps is now locking.  Mine has been sitting outside on the 
roof of my car under the open sky for the last hour without 
locking at all.  I constantly get the A1 and have never seen 
the A3 to indicate that my gps has locked.  Any suggestions 
greatly appreciated.

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