Any alternative ideas to fullscreen popup-messages?

Bryan Fink bryan.fink at
Thu Feb 1 00:46:13 CET 2007

On 1/31/07, Andrew Turner <ajturner at> wrote:
> > My preference would be some system whereby I could select a list of
> > events that are allowed to interrupt me, and to what level they're
> > allowed to interrupt - visual: fullscreen/halfscreen/footer/none;
> > audio: interrupt/mix over/none.
> This seems like too much work to setup profiles/configurations etc.
> Most users probably wouldn't bother. Very important to consider "The
> Power of Defaults" :) See Flickr and default "Public" on photos vs.
> private by all the other photo sites.

A *very* good point.  I fell into the typical developer trap of
casting myself as an average user there for a minute.  Hell, now that
I think about it further, even I'd get tired of switching options and
settle on some, probably less than optimal, default.  :P

Thank for the reality check,

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