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On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 01:56 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> Nevertheless am I of course interested in whatever the final decision on
> push E-mail will be.

By the way, in case people wonder about this.

On both POP3 and IMAP E-mail messages are uniquely identified by a so
called uid. The message being pushed to the client must at least get
that uid string value as notification.

"How" is (for me) an implementation detail. It can indeed be UDP,
multicast, a tcp/ip connection on gprs that is kept open, IMAP IDLE,
postal mail with stamps and on paper and pigeons.

With only that uid I can let the client act on that notification by
asking for the remainder of the summary item (and in case the user also
wants to read the E-mail, the entire message a few moments later .. of

The uid is usually >= 3 and < 10 characters in length. For example on
most IMAP servers it simply looks like "100", "101", "102", etc etc.

With the CONDSTORE IMAP capability it's also possible to retrieve the
simple 'signal' that I have to compare the highestmodseq value of the
current active folder or of a specific (specified) folder.

I hope that this extra info injected some new ideas .. ;-)

ps. Note that in the tinymail API, upon retrieval of such a signal and
after retrieving the remainder of the summary item (if still necessary),
all the observers of the folder would be notified. That includes the
models of the folder-views. By that I mean that the view will
automatically be updated (a new summary item will be added instantly).
Search for TnyFolderObserver for more info on this.

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