Openess of OpenMoko's Hardware

Vinh arbeitsmaschine at
Thu Feb 1 09:41:09 CET 2007

Hi everyone,
seems like the mailing list is slowly taking off, having much more
messages now than couple of months ago! Great stuff!!

I was wondering how far OpenMoko itself is tied to the underlying
hardware? OpenMoko gives us a great new way to write purely native
software on an open platform. But how about hardware? During talks I
had with my collegues and friends (non-geeks included), it seems that
looks of the hardware is an important criteria when buying a phone.
Some like it slim, some like bars, some others flip phones, some again
prefer sliding phones.
So the question arises in how far other companies could pick up the
OpenMoko platform and port it for another hardware. Is the project
obliged to FIC in any way? I mean the core developer is being paid by

Let's say I love the OpenMoko idea, but would like the phone itself to
look nicer. What could I do?
(Maybe Sean can give us some ideas what it takes to build the phone
hardware and convince me that it's pretty impossible for a "normal"
person or a small business to do so?)


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