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I really agree with you, personally I'm a fan of flip phones (I hate the
idea of the screen being exposed... and it just seems easier to answer a
phone by opening it than finding a little button).  Early on, Sean set the
goal of OpenMoko being a platform... that the neo is just the first of a
line of phones... even those from other manufacturers.  until it really
takes off, the neo is a cool looking little device, and I'm happy that if
I'm saddled with a candybar, at least it's pretty interesting.

keeping my fingers crossed,

On 2/1/07, Vinh <arbeitsmaschine at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> seems like the mailing list is slowly taking off, having much more
> messages now than couple of months ago! Great stuff!!
> I was wondering how far OpenMoko itself is tied to the underlying
> hardware? OpenMoko gives us a great new way to write purely native
> software on an open platform. But how about hardware? During talks I
> had with my collegues and friends (non-geeks included), it seems that
> looks of the hardware is an important criteria when buying a phone.
> Some like it slim, some like bars, some others flip phones, some again
> prefer sliding phones.
> So the question arises in how far other companies could pick up the
> OpenMoko platform and port it for another hardware. Is the project
> obliged to FIC in any way? I mean the core developer is being paid by
> them!
> Let's say I love the OpenMoko idea, but would like the phone itself to
> look nicer. What could I do?
> (Maybe Sean can give us some ideas what it takes to build the phone
> hardware and convince me that it's pretty impossible for a "normal"
> person or a small business to do so?)
> Vinh
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