Openess of OpenMoko's Hardware

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Thu Feb 1 11:14:44 CET 2007


On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 19:41, Vinh wrote:
> So the question arises in how far other companies could pick up the
> OpenMoko platform and port it for another hardware. Is the project
> obliged to FIC in any way?

There should be at least three ways to get phones with OpenMoko
support in the future:

o The next phone from FIC. (And of course many more as people will
  scream for new phones with this great OS on it. :))

o Community freed phones. OpenEZX and the HTC linux guys are booth

o Other hardware vendors understand that OpenMoko is great for them.
  No need to write the whole software stack themself. Only the linux
  port for their hardware is needed. Means less costs and faster time
  to market. And don't forget all the killer application the people
  are interested in.

Even if I have written this with a smile I think all three points will

Stefan Schmidt
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