2-3 flavours ; ) Re: the power of defaults Re: Any alternative ideas to fullscreen popup-messages?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Feb 1 11:18:12 CET 2007

Salve Bryan,Mickey,*!

IMHO an important usergroup for OpenMoko/Neo1973 (in the beginning)
will be *nix administrators, developers and maintainers. 
A comfortable ssh client will makes their smartphone to a mobile
terminal - that the device is trustworthy is very important...

They are used to use Linux without GUI or with spartanic GUI and
they are used that the tools behave very predictable - a vim 
window will not be suddendy overlapped by a popup window.

Mickey wrote "it is still just a phone" - well, for me is the
mobil shell, mobil (emebedded) linux computing  more important 
than that the Neo1973 is a phone. I like it, that i can phone
with it and I also like to contribute ideas/solution to make
phoning more confortable:
 that not everybody is bothering me in just the moment when *he*
 wants to talk with me, while I'm
- eating
- learning
- paying in a shop
- changing the train
- I'm writing an SMS/Email
And I'm not thinking to swith off the phone or just rejecting the
incomming calls as alternative - I serveral cases just 2-10 seconds
would be perfect to finish something that I'm would doing with my Neo
as PDA or mobil computer/shell
I just want the comfort when I have PDA and GSM phone as two seperate

And I do not care about the need to have one step more to answer a call,
when I would work with a PDA I would have also 2 steps
1. get the phone into my hand
2. answer the call

With OpenMoko
1. swith to telephone mode/screen (with a keystroke for the
   austere/Spartan lovers, one icon as compromise (LED for the
   future would be interesting :)))
2. answer the call

While not using the Neo as PDA/mobil computer/mobil shell
it will behave just like a Phone, one step to pick up the call.

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Bryan Fink wrote:

> On 1/31/07, Andrew Turner <ajturner at highearthorbit.com> wrote:
> >> My preference would be some system whereby I could select a list of
> >> events that are allowed to interrupt me, and to what level they're
> >> allowed to interrupt - visual: fullscreen/halfscreen/footer/none;
> >> audio: interrupt/mix over/none.
> >
> >This seems like too much work to setup profiles/configurations etc.
> >Most users probably wouldn't bother. Very important to consider "The
> >Power of Defaults" :) See Flickr and default "Public" on photos vs.
> >private by all the other photo sites.
> >
> A *very* good point.  I fell into the typical developer trap of
> casting myself as an average user there for a minute.  Hell, now that
> I think about it further, even I'd get tired of switching options and
> settle on some, probably less than optimal, default.  :P

So when OpenMoko have 2-3 flavors like
-OpenMoko Normal (with bothering instant popups like every other
-OpenMoko austere/Spartan/Guru/Admin/Expert/

It would be ease to develope with just 2-3 different flavors.


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