[moved to community mailinglist]Re: ruby in openmoko

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Feb 1 11:43:19 CET 2007

Salve Fred!

Welcome to the OpenMoko community. :)

On Thu, 01 Feb 2007, acpepito at juno.com wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am new to this mailing list. I have not seen any email mentioning Ruby and Rails.
> Can anyone please forward old emails relating to ruby in openmoko?  
please use google with "site:openmoko.org ruby"

> I am a newbie to ruby. But heard that ruby is a programming language that can make life of a 
> programmer a little bit comfortable. That's why I am starting to learn it.

When somebody makes a packet for ruby, it will be possible to install
ruby with OpenMoko - AFAIK is this not done yet and I can imagine that
ruby will be not installed by default (But I'm just a listmember 
and not memeber of the core developing team).

Of course ruby is a language with a great potential,
but consider that the Neo1973 is still an embedded device
with limited recources. So a concentration on some used
languages will save recources and will make cooperation
more easy. Developing and learning with OpenMoko could
be more fruitfull when using languages which are used
with OpenMoko regulary.

That I moved with your mail to the other list is not personal,
every idea or questions seems to deal with development, so
on the first view you have choosen the right mailinglist.

But what for what does we need then the community mailinglist?

We have a second development list to make it people who are
working on a concret programming project with OpenMoko
more easy to start - to find informations...
So a general question "will be xy comming with OpenMoko"
is a community question ;)

And don't get me wrong, on a long term (next months) it would be
very fine to have the power to use ruby with OpenMoko, that people 
having good programs/skripts with ruby could also use them with 
OpenMoko. With google you will find some talk about ruby on
the community mailinglist, and when the first Neos are shipped,
I think some of the first users will play/use Ruby so that then
it will be more to read/discuss.

Maybe some other ruby interested people on this community
list? (community list is older and has much more members)

Beside Ruby you are also welcome to share your ideas/whishes about
an open Linux Smartphone ;)


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