Posibility to get status informations with the help of a LED

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Feb 1 12:41:12 CET 2007

Salve denis!

denis schrieb am Donnerstag, den 01. Februar 2007 um 12:17h:

> Salve rob! :) 
> It's great that an implementation of LEDs is discussed. 
use google "site:openmoko.org LED" 
> My problem with flashing screens is the high amount of energy that
> it costs. At the moment I have a SE S700i and I always have to turn 
> the screen on in order to get to  know if there are messages or emails. 
> And blinking only two or three times is not enought because you're not
> looking at the screen all the time.
> Flashing LEDs have the advantage that they cost less energy and can
> blink over a large amount of time. So you just look at the LED and know 
> "ah" there is a sms or ah I got an email".
yes :) 
> In my opinion it's not much effort to integrate a LED into the
> hardware and it gives you a lot of options for telling the user something 
> about the status of its phone. 

Consider that the first devices will be send out in the next days,
so I would love to see a postponing of the release for adding some 
more nice hardware feature to the Neo, like flashing LEDs

But for many reasons it is important to start whith an working
device now (I don't want to restart a discussion about this,
just as an explanaitions for Denis) and the Neo1973 will be
much much more than I have dreamed about a hackable Linux phone
for a long time!

Let us be happy what all we can do with the first version ;)

Because the shipping of the first version is very soon, it
is now not the pefect time for hardware ideas for next generations,
but to give you a feedback that your idea will not got lost I started
a new page on our (temorary) wiki:

But this LEDs are not soo important that you prefer to wait utill 2008
instead of getting the first hackable Linux phone in March - or?


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