One general wish - let us make encryption as easy then possible!

Robert Michel openmoko at
Thu Feb 1 15:43:09 CET 2007

Salve Sean!

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Sean Moss-Pultz schrieb am Donnerstag, den 01. Februar 2007 um 19:28h:
> > Well, you're not wrong, certainly: people use MMS even though it _is_ horribly
> > broken (and expensive, etc.) I guess the point I'm attempting to make here is
> > that in addition to the challenges in just getting a working phone out the
> > door, you sign up to take on what seems, to me, anyway, to be a pretty
> > substantial educational exercise.
> Agreed. But we're trying our best to discourage the common user until phase
> 2 of our roadmap. This will give us time to see if this "educational
> exercise" produces something better than MMS. Both fingers are crossed ;-)

It doesn't matter if it is about SMS,(MMS),instant messaging
(jabber?),email, phonecalls or data connections

I would like to see a good security/encryption/keyhandling/OTP support
as core function in the OpenMoko design.
OpenMoko/Neo1973 has so much potential to achieve both - a high level
of security *and* usability.

E.g. the device modus of USB allows that the Neo1973 is a "virtual" 
cryptocard that protects your private key when you are working with
a workstation/server...

Meeting people would a great chance to exchange public keys and 
sign them. 

Non OpenMoko users you could give a J2ME applet and 140 KB random data
(SMS has 160*7 Bit = 140*8 Bit) as OTP for your next 1000 SMS 

For companies would it be interesting to hide even the information
which employee is communicate with whom - e.g. every 15 minutes
every employee upload and download a dummy packet with or without
information inside.

Can't understand companies trusting blackberry by giving them
all their sensible communication on blackberry servers.


It is not a question if you are paronoid,
it's a question if you are paranoid enough ;)

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