Wish list: Call Forwarding from Neo

Mary Stovel mstovel at comcast.net
Thu Feb 1 20:47:39 CET 2007

Hey it is finally February :)

Just wondering if call forwarding from the Neo to another phone would  
be a possibility or desired.  Sorry if this has been discussed, but  
could not find it in the threads.

I can  set up my voip service to forward calls to my cell (or any or  
multiple numbers).   Because my home phone calls are less expensive  
than my cell calls...when I am at home, I would like my cell phone  
calls to ring over to my home phone. It  would be good if the cell  
phone could be programed to ring first.  I do not like to tell  
people, who call me on my cell to call me back on my home phone, or  
to ask them to hang up to let me call  them back.
  At least this, until I get a Neo with voip and I use it as my ONLY   

In talking to friends and family about OpenMoko have found they are  
interested in the idea of being able to personalize their  
phone....just need to get them to switch to GMS after those darn  
contracts expire.  huuum... a good reason for the GMS services to  
consider adding the Neo to their line.

I enjoy reading all the posts (even tho much is over my head).  I  
keep learning.
Best  Regard,

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