Wish list: Call Forwarding from Neo

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Feb 1 23:19:26 CET 2007

Salve Mary!

On Thu, 01 Feb 2007, Mary Stovel wrote:
> I can  set up my voip service to forward calls to my cell (or any or  
> multiple numbers).   Because my home phone calls are less expensive  
> than my cell calls...when I am at home, I would like my cell phone  
> calls to ring over to my home phone. It  would be good if the cell  
> phone could be programed to ring first.  I do not like to tell  
> people, who call me on my cell to call me back on my home phone, or  
> to ask them to hang up to let me call  them back.
>  At least this, until I get a Neo with voip and I use it as my ONLY   
> phone!

Asterisk PBX will help to do this:
When you have more than 256 Kb/s up and downstream you could
have e.g. a NSLU2 at home to let asterisk running - or, I do
have a Linux vserver for 3 Euro/Month.

Asterisk is a telephonyserver which can work with SIP and also
with ISDN cards.... Let me explain, what I use already:

I have a Voip with a land line number with is cheap for my
friends to call - just like normal land line numbers.
My asterisk forward this call to my VoIP ATA (Greandstream HandyTone
286, will be replaced with a AVM Fritz Box) and my GSM mobil.
When I'm at home I can pick up the call (without costs for me),
when I pick up the call with my GSM mobil, I pay less then when
my friends would call me from their land line...

With the Neo1973 some improvements become possible
1. probably it is possible to forward the call via Bluetooth
2. via GPRS can I transmitt the caller id to the GSM
3. when I'm at my parents place I can switch asterisk to 
   forward my incoming calls to my parents place. When a 
   incoming call is comming an asterisk script will inform
   my Neo is ringing and a Infoscreen (mayby Popup :) says:
   Mary is calling
   forwarded to your
   Parents line

So I can say before my parents phone ring
- next call is for me ... and pick up the call 

The same when I visit my friends who use VoIP, then
I can forward the call free of costs.

With AGPS I can automatisated this forwarding.

Asterik can play an intro when sombody picks up the call
at my parents place "This is a call for robert"

When you doing something like this with your office or
somewhere else - Asterisk can ask you for a Code
"This is a call for Robert, please enter your code"

I will write more about these scenarious in about two
weeks when I have more time. Consider that some of this
ideas needs some development.. but the Neo1973 has a
high potential to do nice things...

To answer your subject in a short way:

The best solution for forwarding calls would on a server,
not on the Neo itself. So not forwarding *from* Neo,
forwarding *to* the Neo.


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