Neo-Control-Center? Was: Wish list: Call Forwarding from Neo

Fabian Off fabian2_de at
Fri Feb 2 00:50:52 CET 2007

Am Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2007 schrieben Sie, Andrew Turner:
> > On 2/1/07, Joe Pfeiffer <jjpfeifferjr at> wrote:
> > These are complementary.  While I could use a range of GPS coordinates
> > to recognize "I'm at home right now", I couldn't use it for "I'm in my
> > car right now" or "my BT-enabled laptop is nearby".
> Thanks Joe for clarifying.
> Right - GPS is good for a lot, but I currently route calls through
> Skype, so it's dependent on my computer being with in 'range' of BT,
> and therefore probably hearing it ring.

Oh, well, now I just understand your point of view! Sorry, I thought
you only wanted to locate your Neo... Yeah, of course then such a
kind of software is really senseful. But why not scanning for the
laptop (the mac-address of the bt-chip, especially) and then deciding
of forwarding or accepting the call?

VoIP-software is plattform independent, so an independent, open-source
application for managing the Neo would be great, maybe based on Java?
This application could be used for managing contacts and settings (
profiles) and everything else. What do you think of this?
It could be called Neo-Control-Center, or whatever, but it'd offer
a basis for all users. (I think the Neo should be shipped with a kind of
software, so users don't have to set-up many things on their pcs when
buying the phone. Of course many plugins for other applications
are great, but when I get a new phone, I want to use it by now,
and I don't want to spend hours for installing applications supporting
the phone. Later on, there is much time for doing so, but not
when I want to play with my phone :) )

Greetings, Fabian Off

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