my 2 cents about Idea: ring tones and other non-software assets can be developed as CC content

Jon Phillips jon at
Fri Feb 2 06:45:08 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 21:45 +0300, Marc SERT wrote:
> It's very pleasant to see this fireworks of ideas.
> can i add my feeling about usability of this device :
> think about impaired people.... like blind people:
> it will be very nice to help them to discover the virtual keyboard by for  
> example a continuous bass sound modulated by proximity of touch.
> and please : each numeric key a fixed sound, why not the standard tone (or  
> pulse?) remember the first modem you use ATDT ATDP :-)?
> and an other big opportunity : in the way of a special big Grand'Ma icon  
> to launch call to police station or an other number with a prerecorded  
> sentence . I am Mrs GrandMa and i need urgently your assistance . please  
> help me at the following place... and the gps coordinate.... with the  
> microphone open so the evalutaion of situation is very fast.

This grandma icon would be great for kids too...rather than some
disabled device, this one could be for all ages :)

> Isnt it great?

Yes, accessibility should be thought about in this type of competition
for ringtones and other content.

> You can save a lot of lifes. The next personal Argos system......!!!!
> Sorry for my english i read better than i write

Better than my french :)

> If you need a french translator....
> Marc

This is great! Please add to the wiki:

I made that page licensed under CC BY (so we can move it easier to the
real wiki soon)...


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