Please no crossposting! Re: Information regarding theMessaging Support in OpenMoko

Dave Crossland dave at
Fri Feb 2 13:43:52 CET 2007

On 01/02/07, Paul Jimenez <pj at> wrote:
> I think a good Jabber client could totally supplant MMS

For the recipients who are on Jabber (such as Jabber conversant
phones) this is a good idea. For everyone else, MMS as the least
preferred but available option is quite neccessary.

So I support Sean's decision to put MMS support on the back/community burner.

> Another feature could actually be an SMS-to-Jabber gateway that runs
> on your phone, so as long as your phone has power (and permission to
> get on the net, etc) your SMSs will get gatewayed to Jabber so you don't
> miss them if you happen to leave your phone at home.

That could be very useful, and you could start it by sending a SMS to
the phone with a codeword :-)


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