Crytped calls through 9600Baud GSM-data connections?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Feb 2 18:44:44 CET 2007

Salve Paul!

On Fri, 02 Feb 2007, Paul Wouters wrote:
> that's why our firmware will include both IPsec (with NAT-Traversal)
> as well as OpenVPN. If that wouldn't work often enough, we'll try and
> do encapsulation over port 443.

Did you discussed OTP, using less mobile device batterypower to add
to the voicestream to build an encrypted connection between on users
mobil and his homeserver?

I thought about that maybe GSM-data connections with 9600Baud would
be interesting: 
-would piping through such a connection possible without TCP or other

Then our old GSM with RS232 could becomme the GSM Gateway at home
and for both this gatway and our Neo we would choose a cheap prepaid
contract that allows internal connections for 4 Cent/minute.

I couldn't tested if the new Aldi-talk tariff allows 
1.) dataconnections
2.) dataconnections from mobile to mobile
3.) this data connection would also count with only 4 Cent/minute.

This GSM data connection is used by every commercial cryptophone
and avoid the delays of GPRS...

Can you tell something about his?


PS: I made advertisement on this list for your presentation in Berlin,   
    and that this video is no online - but good that mention that it
    is online again - it worth for the most here on the list to see it. 

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