What would be a realistic but challenging level for Bryce announced trophy money for video playback on the Neo1973? Re: h.264 format is now open?

Bryce Leo bryce.leo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 19:00:42 CET 2007

Haha well then lets modify this a bit.

> I think your $50 has to go to somebody of the core developer team:

I'm goinig to have to disagree I'll give that money to the developer
who does it first and infact i'll send out an email to the dev list as
a bounty.

> Which resolution and frames/s should have the video to win your prize?
> In some way a low resolution should run quite soon - for full or have
> resultion could external hardware help, or a much memory eating
> pre-decryption...
> So let us find a realistic but challenging level for your trophy money?

I'll say 320x240 (for now) stretched to the full screen size and this
MUST be at reasonable quality I'll crunch some numbers and come out
with a full list of sizes and bitrates. I'll get this posted up today

> I thought about to join with a more symbolic amount of 10 Euro (I'm just
> a student) but then I thought when 100 people would join and the trophy
Heh i'm a student to but i've got a decent job and this is most
definately worth my 50usd for the amount of enjoyment that the
community would get for it.

> And what about a deadline to reach it? March 11th + 3 month = June 11h?
> Who is geeing all the unreached prizes? The Core developer team?
The  only deadline i'd push would be before the second OpenMoko phone
comes out from FIC.

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