between 300ms and 10s - wow that is asyncron :) Re: Voice over GPRS?

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Fri Feb 2 19:10:54 CET 2007

* Robert Michel <openmoko at> [070202 18:58]:
> Salve Andreas!
> Andreas Kostyrka schrieb am Freitag, den 02. Februar 2007 um 18:44h:
> > Looks nice, BUT you don't have always a 14400 bps uplink. 
> But even iax2 has a huge overhead - mybe still potential to 
> optimize the protocol?
> > > So my question would be how much delay will bring a GPRS
> > > connection compared with normal internet connections?
> > 
> > Somewhere between 300ms and 10 seconds. (I think I once that over
> > 60seconds ping times in Munich ;) )
> wow - so for browsing a proxy could become interesting to
> preload the next newspages...

The problem is that with GPRS you don't have that much bandwidth to do
background fetches :(
(EGPRS/EDGE would be a different thing)

Plus people pay for these bandwidths in most places on this planet :(

Plus, the 10secs was a maximum value that I've encountered multiple
times. With GPRS the latency most often sticks below the 2secs
bracket, but 10secs do happen from time to time. UMTS is, IMHE, worse :(


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