Any alternative ideas to fullscreen popup-messages?

Lars Hallberg lah at
Fri Feb 2 19:04:44 CET 2007

Jason Weathered skrev:
> With regards to accidental clicks, I have a couple of ideas:
> * Two taps at opposite corners or opposite edges to unlock.
> * A quick left/right/left triple tap or left->right->left drag action in 
> the middle of the screen.
> * Apple's iPhone has a "slide to unlock". A continuous left to right 
> action over a certain region unlocks the phone.
> Since the display isn't pressure sensitive

I'm not sure of that yet... resistive display can't do multi touch, but 
they might be pressure sensitive... or rather can do 'area pressed 
size', witch can translate to pressure for a soft tip like a finger.

> I think any of these options would probably work. Can we have all of them? :)

Might be good enough... But choosing *one* limits the risk of 'false 

You could integrate it with some pin code function... You strike a self 
defined pattern to unlock the phone.

Just as an example... split the screen 9 equal parts like a keypad. A 
strike starting at 3 and ending at 5 equals 35, a tap at 7 is a stroke 
starting and ending in 7 so equals 77. Than You can get a 4 digit pin in 
two strokes/taps. an 8 digit pin in four strokes. Say You have to enter 
the right strokes within 5 sec to unlock the phone. The phone unlock 
when You lift Your finger after the last stroke, so Your stroke can not 
interfere with any app runing.

Now I start to feel safe that my pocket can't crack the phone :-)

But the strokes must be possible to enter with one hand without visual 
contact... so the details might need to be different... Think I need to 
have the neo in my hand to really 'feel it out'.


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