music applications: piano, drum, bell...

kkr kkr22.mpt56 at
Sat Feb 3 01:57:24 CET 2007

You're right, the first version will not be able of it.

But in the V2 (2007-09-11), on the basis of this link
(, I think that it will be
possible :-)

Quotation: "Our technique is force-sensitive, and provides unprecedented
resolution and scalability..."

But I don't know if it will use exactly the same technology. 

Could anybody confirm it?


Le mardi 30 janvier 2007 à 19:36 -0800, Christopher Heiny a écrit :
> On Tuesday 30 January 2007 18:39, kkr scribbled in crayon on the back of a 
> kid's menu:
> > I am not sure to well understand how works this new screen generation
> > (multi-point touch screen)...
> >
> > Can he discern the force of pressure exercised with the finger over the
> > screen (weak, normal or strong)?
> >
> > Can anybody confirm it?
> I do not believe that can be done with the resistive screen on the V1 
> system.
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