Neo1973 video (was Re: What would be a realistic but challenging level for Bryce announced trophy money for video playback on the Neo1973? Re: h.264 format is now open?)

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Sat Feb 3 18:13:51 CET 2007

la, 2007-02-03 kello 14:47 +0100, Harald Welte kirjoitti:
> Also, the 770 has a landscape display.  We have a portrait display.  The
> S3C2410 cannot rotate the image, so you would have to rotate every frame
> in software, too!

Modifying a player to render the image to be rotated in the first place
shouldn't be hard, though perhaps any straightforward way to do that
would degrade cache behaviour? (A wild guess.)

Also, as re-encoding files spesifically for the Neo would be quite ok
with me, rotating at that point would be quite a workable solution also.
(I'll add that I don't necessarily expect the Neo1973 to play back
decent video and won't blame FIC if it doesn't, but I'll sure _try_
it ;)

> Please note that the LCM we use in the Neo1973 can do hardware scaling,
> e.g. theoretically you can software-reconfigure the LCM to behave as
> QVGA 240x320, and then change the s3c2410_fb kernel driver timings
> accordingly.

Now this is excellent news. I asked before if the XVideo extension
present on the xdpyinfo output implied scaling support; apparently it
didn't, but even having full screen QVGA capability should aid

And yeah, do concentrate on the high-res UI for now, but great if you
can at some point provide code/info for the QVGA mode. And Keith getting
a p0 phone, that's a nice one too ;)

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