IRC logs, anyone?

Rod Whitby rod at
Sat Feb 3 22:30:15 CET 2007

Marnix Klooster wrote:
> I'm not an IRC guy, usually, but I like to browse IRC logs every once in
> a while.  Are there IRC logs of #openmoko available anywhere?

The NSLU2-Linux project (which I lead) is happy to provide both live and
archived logs of #openmoko (and any other future OpenMoko related
channels on Freenode) to the OpenMoko community. are the archives (we have
been logging the channel since 29 Nov 1996). is the current live
log (it rolls over once per day). is for the
previous day (this is the same as the most recent file in the archive).

Note that #oe (for OpenEmbedded), #nslu2-linux (for NSLU2-Linux) and
some other related channels are also logged in the same area with
obvious pathnames.

We have been logging #nslu2-linux since Feb 2005 and #oe since May 2005,
and expect to continue support of these resources indefinitely
(donations to the project easily cover all our expenses each year, and
the server hosting and connectivity is graciously provided by OSUOSL).

The box which serves this site is in the same rack as and (see for details).

-- Rod

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