graphics hardware; OpenVG

Shawn Rutledge shawn.t.rutledge at
Sun Feb 4 08:48:05 CET 2007

What kind of framebuffer architecture is the Neo going to use?  Is
there graphics acceleration of any kind?  Or is the processor's own
framebuffer hardware being used directly?

I've been doing some framebuffer graphics on the Zaurus SL-6000; it
has a TC6393 chip, which is relatively primitive but at least it can
draw lines and filled rectangles without having to set every pixel one
by one.

I just discovered this open standard for vector graphics acceleration
on mobile devices, called OpenVG:

Apparently the idea is to define an API and a test and benchmark
suite, so applications (or whole windowing systems) will be portable
between devices, but some devices will accelerate more functions than
others (and the benchmarks will reveal this).

Any plans to implement that on the Neo?

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