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Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Sun Feb 4 13:56:19 CET 2007

su, 2007-02-04 kello 12:14 +0000, Ian Stirling kirjoitti:
> Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> > Also, as re-encoding files spesifically for the Neo would be quite ok
> > with me, rotating at that point would be quite a workable solution also.
> > (I'll add that I don't necessarily expect the Neo1973 to play back
> > decent video and won't blame FIC if it doesn't, but I'll sure _try_
> > it ;)
> The comparison I'm using internally - Pentium 100, just about will 
> manage that. I do expect to need to pick codecs very carefully -
> there won't be much spare.

Indeed. As I've noted before, I'd personally be happy with
lowish-quality mpeg-1 for example; should be fairly light on the

> Rotating internally may be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Yes, we will want to take off as many of those straws as possible, such
as doing that rotate on recode.

> OTOH - going down to 12fps isn't _that_ visible on this size of screen, 
> and that helps a fair bit - as does reducing the sound bandwidth, or 
> going mono.

12fps would also probably be just enough for me, too. No reason not to
try it as long as we're talking custom-recoding for the Neo anyways, and
yes, oughta help a bunch.

> _simple_ audio codecs - such as NICAM 728 equivalent - which is 10 bit, 
> stereo companded from 14 bits, at 32Khz - may even be appropriate in 
> some cases - to reduce the load on the CPU, and trade off for bandwidth.

Can be considered, though not having too much space on the microSD is an
issue too (if the 2G ones verifiably work, that'll be dandy...). Still,
I at least won't probably try to cram a whole lot of a/v material on the
device at any one time (as is evident from above, I'm willing to make
compromises on my video megalomania ;), so maybe.

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