Neo1973 video (was Re: What would be a realistic but challenging level for Bryce announced trophy money for video playback on the Neo1973? Re: h.264 format is now open?)

Ortwin Regel ortwin at
Sun Feb 4 14:02:25 CET 2007

Since you're going to have to reencode your videos for OpenMoko
anyway, they could easily be prerotated in the process. That's what we
were doing on the Tapwave Zodiac until the amazing people from
CoreCodec worked their magic.

On 2/4/07, Ian Stirling <openmoko at> wrote:
> Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> > la, 2007-02-03 kello 14:47 +0100, Harald Welte kirjoitti:
> >> Also, the 770 has a landscape display.  We have a portrait display.  The
> >> S3C2410 cannot rotate the image, so you would have to rotate every frame
> >> in software, too!
> >
> > Modifying a player to render the image to be rotated in the first place
> > shouldn't be hard, though perhaps any straightforward way to do that
> > would degrade cache behaviour? (A wild guess.)
> >
> > Also, as re-encoding files spesifically for the Neo would be quite ok
> > with me, rotating at that point would be quite a workable solution also.
> > (I'll add that I don't necessarily expect the Neo1973 to play back
> > decent video and won't blame FIC if it doesn't, but I'll sure _try_
> > it ;)
> The comparison I'm using internally - Pentium 100, just about will
> manage that.
> I do expect to need to pick codecs very carefully - there won't be much
> spare.
> Rotating internally may be the straw that breaks the camels back.
> OTOH - going down to 12fps isn't _that_ visible on this size of screen,
> and that helps a fair bit - as does reducing the sound bandwidth, or
> going mono.
> _simple_ audio codecs - such as NICAM 728 equivalent - which is 10 bit,
> stereo companded from 14 bits, at 32Khz - may even be appropriate in
> some cases - to reduce the load on the CPU, and trade off for bandwidth.
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