Thoughts about Bluetooth equipement - does somebody knows a Bluetooth camera?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Sun Feb 4 15:34:29 CET 2007


Some thoughts about Bluetooth equipment:
-PC/Laptop/Router with Bluetooth
-embedded devices with Bluetooth
-other bluetooth mobiles to do converence calls or when the Neo1973 v1
 hasn't GPRS class A - to use GRPS while phoning *g*

So what more? Are there digital cameras with Bluetooth on the market?
Does some of them allows to send pictures directly via Bluetooth when
pressing the release? Any inexpensive one there?

Which devices did you also know with bluetooth?
- barcode scanner?
- sensor like thermomether
- medical sensor systems, e.g. for live controling of the heartbeat.

Link ideas for our wiki? 


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