Posibility to get status informations with the help of a LED

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at comcast.net
Sun Feb 4 17:36:42 CET 2007

Ian Stirling writes:
>We really want buttons with changable logos - 
>However, the only sort-of-practical way to do this is to use one 
>internal 50*10mm or so OLED display, with 4-8 hardware buttons on top of 
>it, which are transparent, and designed to relay the underlying display.
>Unfortunately - this will take up a _relatively_ large volume in the phone.
>I'd guess 8mm*55*13 - and a little more as the display is flat and the 
>phone is not.

Yeah.  Changeable logos on the buttons would be ideal, but just
illuminating them with a fixed icon would be practical and extremely

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