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Robert Michel openmoko at
Sun Feb 4 19:24:31 CET 2007

Salve Kyle!

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On Sun, 04 Feb 2007, Kyle wrote:

> I hope I am posting this properly. I was thinking about my infrequent
> airline trips and their dislike of cell phones. Is there any possibility
> to turn off the transmitter in software?

Yes the hardware will allows to turn off the GSM transmitter.
Inside the Neo1973 will be a GSM chip from TI. The System on a chip
(SoC) will communicate with this chip with at commands via a serial 
connection. One of this at commands (you maybe knows them from using
modems) will switch off and on the GSM transmitter.

To find more about "airplain mode" discussion we already had on this
list use our listarchive and/or google "airpain mode"

One of our ideas was to use GPS to switch the device on again
- or to remind the user to do so.

So your welcome to share your ideas, wishes and questions here
- maybe you will find some inspiring ideas in our list archive:

Last official announcement from the teamleader Sean Moss-Pultz:

Hope my mail helps you, Greetings
(just a student, active on this list)

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