enviroment friendly development for v2?

Oleg L. Sverdlov oleg at ols.co.il
Sun Feb 4 22:36:39 CET 2007

All this is good.
a) how the company (FIC) is supposed to make a profit by manufacturing 
less phones?
b) let's say my phone will last 10 years . How can I be sure that my 
cellular provider will use the same technology for many years (with only 
software upgrades required)?

There are companies that create sell refurbished phones to 3rd world 
countries for cheap, so the situation is not grim enough.

Robert Michel wrote:

> Ok, when you are only interested in competing with iPhone 
> - greenpeace is helping to seperate from Apple:

> First I was comparing mobil phones, second, because the touchscreen
> has no mechanical parts, I think it is possible to produce this
> touchscreen in a way, that >> 80% are usable in 40 years.
The touchscreen has a digitizer, and it's still very unreliable for 
long-term usage. I wonder if FIC will do it right.

> So I would not talk about to aim a livetime of 40 years, but 
> what about sinicicant longer livetime (5-10 years) than normal smart phones?
> Green greetings,
> rob
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