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Philip Van Hoof spam at pvanhoof.be
Sun Feb 4 22:47:31 CET 2007

On Sun, 2007-02-04 at 11:06 -0800, Jon Phillips wrote:

> Oh, this is great news indeed. I installed the Contacts and Dates apps
> from openhanded with no troubles, but when I tried to install Tinymail,
> I need the customized libraries. Are there instructions for how to do a
> build, where to find the updated libraries, and without breaking my old
> system's libraries ;)

No, you don't need to compile nor patch any customised libraries. All
such customisations have been done within tinymail's code.

This means that the only source code you need, is the one in the
repository of tinymail. In other words, the modified camel-lite is part
of the tinymail code as-is.

The code also will not clash, in any way, with existing libraries or
installations. That's because binary and directory-path names have been
changed to be appended with the "-lite" suffix.

Even the .pc files, used by autotools, have been renamed that way.

> Current OpenMoko developers, could you comment on the state of messaging
> on OpenMoko and if this is a good direction to go on merging these
> message types behind this soon-to-become handheld standard mail app? :)
> The tinymail, dates and contacts applications are awesome, well
> supported by opened hand, nokia/maemo and others. Thus, it seems logical
> to jump on the bandwagon to gain group benefits and to have an upstream
> source for email...

On the subject of ... "support",

Please make sure not to make the misconception that Nokia is behind
tinymail as the leading force or playing a leading role for the project.

Although it's true that Nokia is helping or sponsoring various
development efforts and features of tinymail, it's not-so that Nokia is
doing the project.

The tinymail project is a true free software and community project led
by me. Various people have done feature development on behalf of Nokia
for tinymail, including me, but the initial start of the project had
very few to do with Nokia. The current "engine" behind tinymail also
isn't "Nokia" but rather .. simply .. me and my believe in it :-)

While I agree that their interest in the project adds quite a lot fuel
to that engine, it wouldn't be correct if one would start thinking that
tinymail is a "Nokia-only"-something.

That is absolutely not the case. It is the case that Nokia are the
earliest adaptors and the first mobile device vendor to be interested in
the project. And that they have been financing the development of very
interesting features. That they contacted me at Guadec. Etc etc etc.

But nothing would stop me from accepting contract working for other such
vendors. Nor would anything stop me from taking different directions for
the project. Except of course that a few API promises based on release
numbers. Promises that make sense for any library.

But I do want to be very clear, I even want to stress it and I want to
put a big emphasis on ... that tinymail is not for only Nokia.

Oh, and underline that too. Mark it. Make it bold. Capitalise it.

In fact would I be very interested in other such markets and other such
vendors. And not only me, as I'm building a network of competence around
the project. With members like, X-Tend & Freebility, Collabora, Kernel
Concepts and Igalia. And I hope more like them soon.

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
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