enviroment friendly development for v2?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Sun Feb 4 22:47:13 CET 2007

Salve Oleg!

Oleg L. Sverdlov schrieb am Sonntag, den 04. Februar 2007 um 23:36h:

> All this is good.
> a) how the company (FIC) is supposed to make a profit by manufacturing 
> less phones?

Who is saying that FIC should produce less phones ;)

When FIC is producing phones which are usable 2-5 longer than
the other phones on the market, than this is a good argument
to choce a phone from FIC. Don't forget that FIC steps new
into a quite closed market.

> b) let's say my phone will last 10 years . How can I be sure that my 
> cellular provider will use the same technology for many years (with only 
> software upgrades required)?

You cant upgrade to UMTS, but for phoning with GSM it should be 
"good enough". When the GSM chip would be on a small module, even
network technologie would be upgradable.

> There are companies that create sell refurbished phones to 3rd world 
> countries for cheap, so the situation is not grim enough.

AFAIK less then 2% of the mobils are going to recycled.

My 12 years old hp48 calculator is still very usefull, so
I don't find any reason (from the consumer view)  why a live 
cycle of a smartphone couldn't be 10 years as well.

Not the hardware was the limiting factor on the phones of the
last years - the software was it. 


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