Tinymail on it?

Philip Van Hoof spam at pvanhoof.be
Sun Feb 4 23:03:42 CET 2007

On Fri, 2007-02-02 at 05:12 +0000, Jon Phillips wrote:
> > I very recently started playing a little bit with the SyncML API, and
> > since it's not very difficult to get something basic working I might
> > implement some support for this sooner or later too.
> Yes, this would be amazingly stellar for mobile apps. It appears that
> messaging is a big missing piece right now, so tinymail with some
> extensions would be an amazing opportunity in the messaging arena.

While I don't see the real cool thing about SynCML (it's just a rather
simplistic synchronisation standard, but simplism is actually probably
it's most powerful feature), I do see the use for it in tinymail.

This will eventually translate into me developing (some) support for
SyncML into tinymail. It would certainly mean that I'll actively
encourage and support somebody who would develop this for tinymail or
for Camel or tinymail's camel-lite (should be the same code then, as the
API of camel-lite nor the cache format hasn't really changed that much).

> What is the current extensibility of tinymail? How could we go about
> adding SMS support to tinymail to treat it like a first class piece of
> mail?

The only difficulty that I see with SMS and MMS is that the format of
those messages isn't RFC822 (E-mails with MIME parts, etc etc).

This means implementing a TnyMimePart for SMS and MMS that deals with
the format efficiently and correctly.

I have never even looked at how those messages look, heck I never use
the feature on my phone (actually, I hate it when people send me an SMS.
I prefer hearing the voice of the person who's contacting me .. hehe).

Oh, another difficulty might be building a summary from the messages. I
can imagine that the messages only have a "from phone number" and that
the user wants to see the person's name if the person is in the contact
list. Or the subject, the dates, etc etc ...

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