OpenMoko / FIC Neo1973

Richard Franks spontificus at
Mon Feb 5 14:34:57 CET 2007

On 2/5/07, denis <denis at> wrote:
> Hello!
> Yeah I know that. But don't you think it would be useful to offer interested
> users, that heart from others something about the phone, more easy to access
> content?

Most of the official knowledge/content is already on the openmoko
website and the wiki - the mailing list sometimes gets tidbits of
information leaked onto it a bit earlier, however these are usually
very-specific technical developer-orientated details. We may discuss
ideas and possibilities on this mailing list, but it shouldn't be
confused with concrete information which holds utility for the
'average' user/

As far as 'official' knowledge/content goes - that the 'average'
consumer could use -the fact that there aren't spectacular/vaporware
promises being made at this stage is somewhat encouraging to me :-)


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