Neo1973 video (was Re: What would be a realistic but challenging level for Bryce announced trophy money for video playback on the Neo1973? Re: h.264 format is now open?)

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at
Tue Feb 6 01:08:29 CET 2007

Siarhei Siamashka wrote:

> I'm just interested in improving video support for ARM based devices, 
> that's why I posted to this openmoko mailing list . I'm currently trying to
> integrate a fast scaler for ARM into ffmpeg library (the engine used 
> by mplayer, vlc and the other video players for linux ):
> So now I'm trying to collect information about what scaling/color conversion
> functionality would be useful for various devices. Looks like Neo 1973 
> may need rgb565 => rgb565 scaler, image rotation support and probably
> yv12 => rgb565 (grayscale). I don't have much free time, so support for 
> just Nokia internet tablets has the highest priority for me. But if anybody
> else would like to work on the features needed for Neo 1973 video support, 
> I would be glad to help.

This looks pretty interesting work. Do you have any interest in and
would it be possible to do this as a gstreamer plugin?

Rob Taylor

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