Text messaging on the OpenMoko platform

Sebastian Mancke asteban at gmx.de
Tue Feb 6 12:06:08 CET 2007

Hi Gabriel.

Gabriel Ambuehl schrieb:
> On Tuesday 06 February 2007 10:56:37 Sergio Bessa wrote:
>> What if we could have Jabber support in OpenMoko and use some sort of
>> transport/relay to connect to legacy protocols? Don't you think this
>> would work? This way wwe only needed one protocol implementation.
> Sure. Many of the public Jabber servers come with ICQ, MSN, AIM etc 
> transports. It's not entirely as straight forward to use as direct 
> connections to those networks in most Jabber clients, but I'm sure it could 
> be done that way.
> Then again, while XMPP is quite nice for normal usage on the net, maybe we 
> need a different protocol, namely one that is VERY bandwidth efficient (XML 
> is not really famous for that, a binary protocol could potentially do much 
> better) to keep GPRS costs low? 
It woud be great to keep a clean, well known messaging protokoll at the
base. For reducing the bandwidth usage, I would have two ideas in mind:
- gzip the xml communication (like soap Web-Services over HTTP do).
- Use the binary XML-Representation WAP Binary XML (WBXML)
Both solutions would need a server-side gateway, but full-blown xml
could be used as fall-back, very easy.


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