Text messaging on the OpenMoko platform

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Lol, this would lead to commercial server side applications implemented
as a pay per month ASP service - last time I discussed this on the list
the 'email storm' about only having open source free software lasted a


I made the decision to sit out most of these conversations until I have
a unit in my hands and then start paying developers to right code as
part of my team. When the product is ready we'll show rather than talk.




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My opinion is, if we really want to turn the OpenMoko platform to it's
maximum extend, we'll have to associate it with a server-side component
(running all the time, such as a WRT or NSLU2 device), a multiprotocol
IM gateway, a remote storage feature (sshfs?), an imap webserver, a web
gateway... Everything tunneled into a secure-as-possible connection. 

http://www.bitlbee.org/main.php/news.html for IRC (server side)

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