T-Mobile finagling advice?

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Wed Feb 7 02:25:30 CET 2007

So, I'm thinking seriously about getting a neo1973 when they become 
available.  I called the local T Mobile office and asked them whether I 
could borrow a phone to see how the signal strength is where I live.  
They said I could get a 14 day trial with a free phone and just take it 
back when that is over. 

My question is, has anyone been through this process before, what's the 
best way to find out how the service is?  I don't know anyone that has a 
t mobile phone (maybe that should tell me something).  And the other 
thing is, how would I get the neo1973 onto the t mobile network?  would 
I have to get their cheapest phone and then remove the sim card to use 
in the neo1973?  Is it possible to get the sim card without buying a t 
mobile phone? 

I'm sure I could find out more by calling T Mobile, but I'm betting 
there's a lot of expertise in this area on this list. 

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