T-Mobile finagling advice?

Graham Auld openmoko at graham.auld.me.uk
Wed Feb 7 04:32:34 CET 2007

What country are you in?

If it's UK then you shouldn't have much of a problem with signal unless
you're in the wilds of Scotland :-)
Most if not all of the network providers also provide sim only options for
contracts or pay as you go services, not usually heavily advertised but
avaliable none the less.

If of course you're not in the UK then please ignore all of the above ;)


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Ben Burdette writes:


>My question is, has anyone been through this process before, what's the 
>best way to find out how the service is?  I don't know anyone that has 
>a t mobile phone (maybe that should tell me something).  And the other 
>thing is, how would I get the neo1973 onto the t mobile network?  would 
>I have to get their cheapest phone and then remove the sim card to use 
>in the neo1973?  Is it possible to get the sim card without buying a t 
>mobile phone?

Based on what a T-Mobile salesdroid told me, it isn't possible to get their
service without a phone.  So my plan is to do as you suggest:
get their (actually, I haven't fully researched the GSM providers in my
area, so "they" may not be T-Mobile when the dust settles) cheapest phone,
move the sim chip.

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