T-Mobile finagling advice?

Redvers Davies openmoko at unixfu.com
Wed Feb 7 11:52:00 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-07 at 10:05 +0000, a.tomkins3 at ntlworld.com wrote:
> If you are in the UK, Tescos do a cheap pay as you go SIM;
> http://www.tesco.com/mobilenetwork/shop/?page=simcards
> Maybe WalMart do the same in the US?

There are various pay-as-you-go services in the US.  $20 (10UKP) will
buy you a GSM cellphone and 60 minutes of talk time (With no ID or
credit card required btw for fellow privacy freaks) :-D

The one that I have does use a SIMcard and they roam onto some GSM
network which it doesn't identify.  My guess is certainly cingular since
its the only GSM network available in my area[0].



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