T-Mobile finagling advice?

michael at michaelshiloh.com michael at michaelshiloh.com
Wed Feb 7 18:44:30 CET 2007

On Wed, 7 Feb 2007, Mark McClellan wrote:
> On 2/6/07, Ben Burdette <bburdette at comcast.net> wrote:
>>  So, I'm thinking seriously about getting a neo1973 when they become
>>  available.  I called the local T Mobile office and asked them whether I
>>  could borrow a phone to see how the signal strength is where I live.
>>  They said I could get a 14 day trial with a free phone and just take it
>>  back when that is over.
>>  My question is, has anyone been through this process before, what's the
>>  best way to find out how the service is?  I don't know anyone that has a
>>  t mobile phone (maybe that should tell me something).  And the other
>>  thing is, how would I get the neo1973 onto the t mobile network?  would
>>  I have to get their cheapest phone and then remove the sim card to use
>>  in the neo1973?  Is it possible to get the sim card without buying a t
>>  mobile phone?
>>  I'm sure I could find out more by calling T Mobile, but I'm betting
>>  there's a lot of expertise in this area on this list.

> Ben,
> A few years ago I posed the same question to a T-Mobile sales guy. He handed
> me a working demo phone to take around for a few days. I took it back the
> next day and signed up.
> I wouldn't get the cheapest phone they offer. Remember the first edition of
> the OpenMoko device is geared for developers. You may still need a true
> 'production' quality phone until 4Q '07.
> Mark

Remember too that service performance will depend on your phone radio and
antenna hardware, and not just the provider's network.

But it's a good first step.

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