Free maps after all?

Terrence Barr - Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Terrence.Barr at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 8 14:15:07 CET 2007

Honestly, I am not too impressed by the Wayfinder or Google maps
concept of on-demand online mapping. Sure, it offers many benefits
in terms of being current and offering real-time services. But what
if you are in a remote area without wireless access, i.e. when you
need the maps most?

I'd rather be safe and have 1 GB of map data on my mobile, ready when
I need it.

The smart2go offer seems reasonable. We'll see how it actually pans
out once they make it available.

-- Terrence

Florent THIERY wrote:
> Hi
> I know it's important to have binary maps archives, but wouldn't it be 
> simpler/better/easier to do a google maps + GPS mashup application 
> (before open source maps are complete)? Again, sadly no EDGE...
> Florent
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