Various questions & ideas: Maemo porting, package management...

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Thu Feb 8 15:14:24 CET 2007


I have some little questions:
- how hard will it be possible to port maemo apps to OpenMoko (if possible)?
- what about package management? apt-get like mecanism? Do you consider
using mkezx ? An official binary repository?...
- will the AP's filesystem be read-write ?
- already thought of using handsignature for biometric identification? I
don't know if there are any free software available, i saw a prototype last
year on a pda, and it works very well. PIN codes are old-fashioned ;)
- although a lot of people didn't realize it, apple's iPhone killer feature
is really the multitouch screen, which IMHO is the key component to all
these physical-model-based interface effects and novel input types; is it
certain that the first neo can't have such a screen?
- about accelerometer questions, i saw a cellphone videogame that used the
phone camera to detect movement, rotation.... How hard would it be to add a
standard camera on the neo (1 MP max)? In terms of price and technical
feasability? I'm not sure it's more expensive than a full-features
accelerometer, is it?
- i really think a universal infrared remote feature would be a killer app
(with integration of tv programs); domotics is a great area, but is still
very expensive; what about porting X10 control apps to the neo? :) There are
tons of great apps feasible : perfect waker, playing music, lighting lights
gradually on etc...
- i don't get how a 2.5 G GSM is not EDGE: i thought 2.5 G was EDGE... Could
please anybody clarify that?
- i'd like to get an opinion of somebody who actually owns (or sam) a neo
about the lcd screen. Sooo small, and such a huge resolution... Please let
us dream :) Is suitable for text reading?
- could the neo's usb port be used for usb gadgets? The more important would
be mechanical input devices ( mini keyboards )
- already considered an usb multi I/O companion device? Something like (sorry,
it's in french) This thing features a VGA/DVI connectivity, ethernet, ... If
the neo had a small sized extension device, allowing external vga
connectivity, it would be awesome... And serve as a dock station.
- what about RFID reader/writer, or simply a tag?

I'm sorry if some of these questions were already discussed.

Anyway, openmoko is a great promising project, i'm waiting for it's
availability ! I hope there will be enough devices for us to buy when it's
ready for prime time...

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