Various questions & ideas: Maemo porting, package management...

Florent THIERY fthiery at
Thu Feb 8 17:37:37 CET 2007

> > - what about package management? apt-get like mecanism? Do you
> > consider using mkezx ? An official binary repository?...
> for phase 1 we will use ipkg. For phase 2 we either would like to see an sqlite backend in ipkg (because the default one is really slow) or something written from scratch. dpkg/apt is very heavy -- I'm not sure whether we can strip it down to be feasible on a smartphone.

The fact is, mkezx does use dpkg/apt, and it's pretty effective (on my A780) !

> > - i really think a universal infrared remote feature would be a
> > killer app (with integration of tv programs); domotics is a great
> > area, but is still very expensive; what about porting X10 control
> > apps to the neo? :)
> Might make not much sense without an IR port or would it? ;)

As suggested on openmoko wiki:
- minor unexpensive hardware changes may be possible and are open to
suggestions; an infrared led would certainly fit into this category,
- there are hacks allowing to use the jack output to send IR signals,
so a small cheap adapter could provide IR connectivity

> The Neo's USB port is switchable host/gadget, however host is unpowered, so you need a battery-powered hub.

Hum, does a keyboard need to be powered?

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