Missed call communication protocol

Alexandre Ghisoli alex at ghisoli.ch
Fri Feb 9 09:51:56 CET 2007

Le vendredi 09 février 2007 à 01:38 +0100, Richard Bennett a écrit :
> On Thursday 08 February 2007 16:20, Jonathon Suggs wrote:
> > Telcos are not going to let this type of thing happen.  I'm all for being
> > able to do things for 'free as in beer' with my 'free as in speech'
> > phone...BUT if we start abusing some features/protocols then they will
> > notice/retaliate.
> True, using the altered CLI to pass messages could be regarded as abuse, but 
> using the q931 Display field for passing information is a legitimate use of 
> the protocol.

Usually each piece of hardware / software must be valided before going
to be plugged on the network. At this point, everything that follow
Q.931 implementation is ok to use, from the network point of view.. 

> > That said, this has been a great thread with some very good concepts and
> > "outside the box" thinking.  However, the underlying concept of what we are
> > doing/proposing *IS WRONG* no matter how you look at it.  We are trying to
> > effectively use something that does cost money (air time) and instead of
> > paying for it, manipulate it so that we get benefit and pay nothing in
> > return.  
> Just because a resource has not been monetized by the telcos yet, doesn't mean 
> it 'IS WRONG' by definition, it just means nobody saw a business case in 
> charging for it yet. When I started using SMS there was no charge for it, the 
> telco's didn't think people would want to to pay for such a crippled service.

All network activities (like mass calling, mangle CLID, ...) are
regulated by telco acceptable terms and conditions and by counties law.
Using DISPLAY field to send "free" messages *could* be taken as wrong,
but I think this could change between countries or providers.

> > This is also has potential for giving OpenMoko and open phones in general a
> > bad name/press.  Headlines reading "renegade phones undermine network,
> > higher charges for everyone coming" with some baseless statistics about how
> > much it cost them to effectively ban this activity.

Right, and this could be a big issue, because the Neo / OpenMoko stack
gives access to the low level stuff.
Telco arent ready to open their minds, and this could be the easier
solution, ban Neo (Open) devices !

But I think this is a short term issue; let a provider understant the
power of OpenSources / Geeks, he will provide a nice structure where you
can dive into IN (Intelligent Network, from SS7), and you can probably
see very nice apps going out. If you can get a comercial company working
and selling apps with GSM inside, can you see the potential success ?

> > With a project in its infancy we need to make friends not enemies.  We
> > especially don't need to (unnecessarily) piss off the people that control
> > the communication links...as without them (love or hate them) we can't
> > really do anything.
> With a product like Neo, and a platform like Openmoko we'll be breaking down a 
> whole lot more doors than just this one. Telco's can be afraid of this, and 
> most will be, but if there are any radical thinkers amongst them, like the 
> people behind the Neo, they will recognize that this is an opportunity to use 
> the community to help develop their products for them, and see that offering 
> low-cost tools to allow a flourishing community to thrive will cost them a 
> lot less than old-school R&D departments sitting on their hands coming up 
> with overpriced stale offerings.
> (Why is there still no presence indicator for SMS, no buddy-lists, no re-use 
> of existing online profiles, no server-backup of your contacts, no online 
> access to your SMSes, no online access to your voice-mail, or voice-mail to 
> email forwarding, no multi-number accounts with online presence indicators 
> for work/home and optional location information (Yes he has arrived in 
> London, but is currently in meeting until 2pm) , why isn't all that 
> integrated in the existing business tools?) The list goes on and on.

well said !
I'm pretty sure Neo will get a lot of ennemies, and hidding device (and
dev's) power will not make easier to adopt Neo from telco point of view.

> Anyway, thanks for the interesting points brought up.

Maybe it's time to get news from telco ? As Sean said, telco are a
target for mass market (september) .. so is there any feedbacks about
the acceptence level of that device and the Open idea stick with ? 


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