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Hi Guys and Girls, Freaks and Geeks,


I know some of you might have heard about http://Barcamp.org
<http://barcamp.org/>  however If you haven't been to a barcamp before
check out my post about what I learnt at barcamp last October in New
York http://deancollinsblog.blogspot.com/2006/10/barcampnyc2.html 


I know you think I know a lot about IT and what's going on in the world
but I was stunned with how much I got out of the event, I learnt about 3
new topics in IT I hadn't even heard of before that weekend (Ruby on
Rails, Json and Amazon Turk)  and made a ton of really good commercial
contacts which brought me some good business deal this year.



So what is barcamp about and why should you care?

BarCamp is an Un-conference. The Content of sessions is driven and
created by the participants. Think of BarCamp as the open-source
equivalent to a traditional conference. Instead of having committees
planning the event, selecting presentations, and then charging
exorbitant attendance fees, BarCamp is all about participation.
Attendees have to either give a presentation or help out with one.


So what is www.BarCampUSA.org <http://www.barcampusa.org/>  about and
why is it different?

Basically we have taken the very best concepts from barcamp and then
just supersized them. There will never be another event this year where
you will learn as much as you will at BarCampUSA.



What did we do to the BarCamp concept to make it a


Q.	"How about make it longer"........                         A.
Well naturally..... How would 24 hours a day for 4 days straight suit

Q.  "How about having more people".......                   A.   I was
thinking about the same thing, would 5,000+ people be enough for you?

Q.  "How about having entertainment at night"......      A.   Would a
couple of different bands, video DJ's, and film demonstrations fit that

Q   "Can I be involved"........                                      A.
Yep discussion topics, volunteering committees, organization committees
are being formed now.



If this sounds like something of interest to you then head over to 
www.BarCampUSA.org <http://www.barcampusa.org/>  , it's from the 23rd to
the 26th August. It's in Wisconsin  (yeh I know....but I hear they don't
bite...:-) and they have electricity and the internet in Wisconsin as
well......oh and they have a space big enough for 5,000-10,000+ of us to
get together - want to try organize that in New York?)



Yep I know, it's a PITA to get there (even for me), but in all future
BarCampUSA's they are going to talk about the first one, and everyone in
the room will be divided into two groups, people who were there at the
first one and made it magic and people who weren't and are just


Discounts and benefits for people who buy tickets or companies that
sponsor before 1st of May.

Tickets went on sale this week at http://www.barcampusa.com/tickets.htm 

If you work for a company that might like to help keep costs to a
minimum by being a sponsor then check out 

(oh and btw if you are part of a startup looking for funding....check
out an event I'm organizing 
http://www.barcampusa.com/wiki/index.php?title=SpeedPitchShootout )



My request to you as a friend of mine.

Please forward this email to anyone who you know would be interested,
especially if they live outside of the USA, I'm really trying to make
this as global event as possible. 

People are already calling this the "Woodstock of our generation" so
lets try and make it as special as this opportunities deserves. 




Dean Collins
Dean at Collins.net.pr <mailto:Dean at Collins.net.pr>  
<mailto:dean at c> +1-212-203-4357 Ph
+61-2-9016-5642 (Sydney in-dial).


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